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One of “Those” Days in the PNW March 13, 2008 at 7:18 am

Today isn’t much different from Monday, but why am I bailing on riding into work today?

I’ve thought it through.  Really.  It is all justification for being lazy!  So here is MY litany of excuses as to why I decided to pollute the world with fumes from my car instead of my rear today:

  1. My house cleaners come every other Thursday morning.
  2. I will be later into work because of that.
  3. I can drop off my "dry cleaning" on the way into work.
  4. I can run errands (grocery shopping, etc) on the way home.
  5. It’s raining.

The real reason is pretty much #5, reinforced by the fact that when I KNOW it’s coming and I have an excuse I will pretty much bail.  Monday was different because I left the house in "get to work mode" without giving my self time to think about it.  That’ll teach me!!

I know from experience that riding in the rain isn’t ~that~ bad when you have the right gear on, but I am still being lazy.


2007 Las Vegas Century (a.k.a. “The Headwind Hell Ride”) October 22, 2007 at 8:47 am

This weekend was a doozy.  It all started with me not setting my alarm to wake up at 4am on Friday morning.  For some very lucky reason I woke up at 5:10am.  That gave me 20 minutes to feed the cats, shower, throw everything in my suitcase together and run down to meet the cab waiting to take me to the airport.  I made it.  I only forgot a headband, bicycle computer, razor, comb, deodorant, and cycling socks.  All things considered, not too bad!

I arrived in Vegas early in the morning and checked into the Stratosphere.  It was a decent place and close to the start of the ride.  Not too shabby.  While I was waiting for Paul to arrive from Arizona (he drove)  I gave my pint of blood to the casino’s, and geeked out at the Star Trek experience.  I wouldn’t have returned except they had added a new Borg attraction sense the last time I was there.  It was a reasonably amusing way to spend 90 minutes. 

Paul arrived and we had a nice meal, drove to the starting line to assure we knew where we had to be, re-assembled our bikes and hit the hay.

Saturday morning after breakfast we picked up our registration.  The organizers of the ride were not overly organized.  The packet and jersey pickup took about 40 minutes!  We zipped back to the hotel and got ready.


Paul is the tall one.  :)

The ride.  Ouch.  The first 50 miles was a blast.  Towards Boulder City the hills were a little challenging but it wasn’t overly bad.  We knew that we were in for it.  There was a roughly 25 mile section that headed due west.  The winds were of the west at 5-20 miles per hour.  That REALLY sucks on a bike.  As the ride was Paul’s idea I was cursing the man around mile 75.  I knew that things ~should~ get better around mile 80, but given that I didn’t have my bike computer, I was never sure when that would happen.  When the road finally turned back to the east, I was flying.  Going from a max of about 8 mph to sustaining over 30 was the re-charge that made the 3 hours of grueling headwinds seem like a distant memory.  I was extremely happy that the hotel had a hot tub.  That made me feel liek a human again.


You can’t see the wind in the above picture, but it was there!

I would have liked  to stay much longer in the tub, but the tickets for "O" where WAY to expensive to bail on.  We had to boogy over to the Belagio.  You ever try to get any ware ~fast~ on the Vegas strip??  Don’t try. We made it and had ~just~ enough time to grab quick a meal before the show.  I lack the words to describe what I saw.  It was visually stunning, and the athletic prowess on display was inspiring.  Always way too much to see everything that was going on.  I was impressed.


Sunday I road "Speed the Ride" at the Sahara and went up to the top of the Stratosphere tower.  Nothing overly interesting, just a lazy day being a tourist of sorts.

Now back to work and I count the days until El Tour de Tucson!