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10 Years to the Day … Weird April 13, 2015 at 1:20 pm

For some reason today I was going ‘back in time’ reading over my BLOG. This whole thing has started / stopped / started / sputtered, and has mostly been ‘Meh’ overall. There really isn’t a coherent theme, and other than ‘bot traffic’ AFAIK I am really the only person that pays it much attention. I know it gets indexed and I know every now and then someone spends a little time here, but not overly so.

So I REALLY didn’t plan this AND I went ALL the way back in time (as far as THIS BLOG is concerned). Wow, 10 years ago I was sitting in Miami (Most likely Miami Beach ~and~ most likely at my desk in my SOON to fail business, the writing WAS clearly on the wall, but it wasn’t long after I started the blog when the final decision was made by me to pack it in.)

This blog was more or less ‘started on a whim’ (as I remember it) because some ‘folks that I knew’ had basically rolled out a blogging service many months prior and I figured, what the heck. (I actually DID ~know~ a few of the people that worked on it, as in like personally met them, but couldn’t tell you who they are NOW. Sad really, but that is life.)

During ‘its’ life, the blog has transitioned between (I am fairly sure it ~was~ originally MSN, as that would have put me in contact with ‘folks that worked on it’) at least 4 different groups at MS, and another host when MS shut down. I ~think~ the last iteration was called ‘Live Spaces’. I didn’t make notes on all of that so reality is that I am likely wrong.

Wow. Something that has some fairly interesting (to me anyway) key focal points of my life preserved. I didn’t really BLOG about most of my ‘failures’ but I can see the initial cracks that started the avalanches.

Nor have I written about ALL of my successes either, but I can see some of those obliquely preserved too! (It is ALL about context.)

The weird part? Todays entry wouldn’t even EXIST unless I was triggered to look at the content by an exceptionally weird confluence of butterfly wings flapping. Even then, deciding to LOOK AT my very first entry wasn’t a conscious decision! That to me is THE MOST odd part. Completely unplanned.

Weird. (And Wow, 10 friggin’ years TO THE DAY. Kinda neet?) Weird.

I wonder right this minute what the future holds. I have noticed more than one subtle observation that has turned out to be ~major~ themes in my life AND I didn’t understand the ramifications of the observations AT THE TIME. I am loath to make any other observations right now because of that. You know, ‘jinx’ things, because THAT would be science. 😉


Life is full of … October 18, 2008 at 11:52 am

The last entry I was complaining about being ill.   The last couple of months have been less than pleasant for me.  :(  After writing  and actually visiting the doctor things got worse.  In the span of two weeks I ended up losing nearly 30 pounds (and NOT in a good way, trust me on this). 

It took a while for the doctors to come to a consensus over my illness.  Once a "treatment" was started things improved from the really bad downward spiral that had me nearly admitted to the hospital.  In the last few weeks I haven’t really improved, but I haven’t really had things get worse.  I am able to work enough to pay my bills, but that is almost all.  I long for the days when I can get up at 6 in the morning and be out of the house on my bike (yes, even in the rain and cold weather of the PNW) riding to work by 7.  I am lucky now if I make it into work by 10 and "survive" until 5.

I am pretty happy that I am alive, but I am hoping that ~something~ will get better.  Exercising and being fit has been a huge part of my life in the last two years and over the last two months I really have missed the energy and feeling of fitness.  OK, so ~right now~ I would actually be happy to just make it through the day without being exhausted, but I must have something to look forward to.  I miss cycling.  My poor bikes are lonely.

For the people that helped me while I was in the worst of the illness (you know who you are) I want to offer my thanks.  For all of you that offered help and support, I really do appreciate it.

It may not sound like it from based on how you read this entry, but I really am looking at this as a positive sign. Depending on how you look at it even the extreme weight loss (191 was the lowest I hit and I am still under 200) could be a little positive.  Unfortunately a lot of that was muscle and I will have to build that up again, but when I am able it will happen!

Something new 4 me! February 27, 2007 at 2:06 pm

The last couple of times I have been up on the slopes I have had vision issues. Glasses and snow don’t mix too well because of fogging and crap sticking to the lens. I knew it was time to finally give in to trying contacts. Last week I made an appointment to be fitted for contacts. I went in on Tuesday, but had to wait until today to actually get contacts that would work for me. My astigmatism is pretty bad and only one manufacturer (according to the Doctor) makes contacts that will correct my particular eyesight. It is fairly cool for me to be able to see (even a little blurry) without glasses. I’ll get my first test on the slopes soon enough! I’ll give the contacts a try for a while and if I get used to them it will just edge me even closer to considering Lasic. For that I still want to wait and see how “older” people have faired as the surgery has progressed over the years. Contacts are just a few more inches towards this, but it has the potential to accelerate my adoption. Baby steps!