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Blah! February 25, 2007 at 9:02 pm

Snoqualmie (At least Summit Central) pretty much sucks. That is my opinion, but I suspect some of my judgment is clouded by my day. Today I tried Snowboarding for the very first time. That part was cool, but it is really a difficult thing to re-learn all of the snow skills. Boarding is only like skiing form the standpoint of you use ski lifts and you slide down snow. The balance and techniques are radically different. From the standpoint of a learning experience Summit Central was a good place to try out a new skill. The instructor was very good and knew how to teach well. It was a little too crowded for my liking and the lift lines were painfully long. The wait for the lift was longer than the time you spent on the lift. Each run was over so quickly that it was a bunch of hurry up and wait. That part really sucked. After lunch I grabbed the skis from the car to at least have some semblance of success. I fell almost immediately on a flat surface. Weird. My friend had an interesting experience in the lift line, but after the initial wobblies we both did OK. I know that the weather was a contributing factor to my dislike of the area. Visibility up at the top of the mountain was maybe 100 feet. This made for some interesting bumps. Top that off with my glasses fogging like crazy and it wasn’t the most pleasant experience.

I would have STILL much rather been skiing even with all of the minus points today than sitting around the house. It was a good day, just not an optimal day. :)

I have mixed feelings about the weather. It is nice that the mountains are getting some much needed moisture. I am very happy for the additional snow and I hope it keeps up. I’d like to have some good skiing during the month of March. On the other hand the downpour of rain in the city resulted in a canceled bike ride yesterday. :( That was a bummer.

I am a little concerned about my knees starting to ache a little. I have to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist to see if I need to work on strengthening my “knee muscles.”