This week is going to be difficult for me to update my BLOG.  I am attending a “seminar” TWT and will be away from the easy use of a computer and connectivity during the normal times I write about my journey.  The real challenge for me is that it is ALMOST like travel.  I am […]


Eating within my food plan is not impossible. In fact I am enjoying unbelievably delicious and hyper filling meals. It did take a little while to adjust, but now things are getting simpler. It truly is all about preparation. Some of the things that I have done to help simplify my daily routines:   Pre-bagged […]

Less More Less of Me

I told you I would NOT be disappointed. (If you have read before or taken a peak to the right you might know what is coming!) Last week I dropped 14 pounds. That is a lot and this last week my dietician forced more calories down my neck. I have stabilized and that is a VERY […]

Power to the Towel

It’s a small thing, but over the last week I have been noticing a cool change. I am not the most modest of people, but I think of it as a courtesy to others to cover up my nether regions when I am in the locker room. While I am still a month or two […]

Ramp Up…

Last night’s group meeting was OK. I like our Psycho-Analyst. I do think he is a bit nuts to be living across the sound, but I suspect he needs to be as far away from his patients as possible. I hope he doesn’t have any “Monk’s.” I don’t exactly understand why the meetings are required, […]

Pressing the reset switch…

Tenacity.  I need to keep on keeping on.  Yesterday was a bit disconcerting for me.  Not insurmountable by any means, just a little frustrating.  I don’t like it when things go wrong. I prefer a smoother flow and less turbulence.  Unfortunately life doesn’t come at you spoon-fed  most of the time and the real trick […]

I am so confused . . . AGAIN!

This is a little rant that is totally my own fault.  My calorie count is in a bollixed state.  I am NOT talking about Florida.  (I lived in Miami for three years and it was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made.)  So I used a cheat sheet that the dietician gave me.  […]


I really want to do well and learn how to prepare better foods and meals for myself.  I generally like to cook and enjoy working with fresh vegetables and foods over processed stuff.  The only time I really like processed foods like T.V. dinners and such is when I am feeling down.  That is a […]

Another good workout…

This morning I did 60 minutes of cardio.  That essentially makes a full work week of 1 hour cardio mornings. I still feel good over all, but yesterday after lunch was a bit difficult for me. Yesterday after my workout I had some dental work done.  I am not sure how the nitrous oxide could […]

Less of me!

Dudes and Dudets I am astounded by my first official week of the 20/20 Lifestyles program offered by the Pro Club in Bellevue Washington!  Today I met with the dietician (normally on Fridays, but this week she had another meeting Friday) and got the first official weeks results.  Drum roll please.  Remember that this is […]