Under What?

Stop reading if talk about underwear is not on your preferred reading list.  I warned you.  J It’s not really that bad.  Yesterday I had a fairly unexpected annoyance/surprise.  My underwear doesn’t fit properly anymore!  I had been noticing a general shrinking or at least loosening of my pants.  Some pants that had been a little […]

Let the pressure get to me?

I remembered to have my blood pressure checked this morning and after my workout.  (Don’t tell my trainer that I spaced my stretching this morning.  I’ll pay for that tomorrow.)  I won’t bore you with the details, but it is low FOR me.  It was lower even from my physical assessment.  High BP and daily […]

Pain or Ache?

Today I feel Good?  I am having a hard time picking the proper terms to express my current state.  I hurt but I am not really in pain.  It’s that post workout kind of “ouch” that feels remotely good.  I started the day waking up before my alarm this morning.  My breakfast preparation was simple […]

Ramblings of a carboholic

Day one of adjusted diet intake completed with target caloric intake met and no “cheating.”  I expect it to be a little more difficult to meet the dietary requirements when I return to work.  Things are not too bad.  I am not really hungry, but the carbohydrate cravings were bad yesterday.  Not nearly as bad […]


Don’t read this like I am complaining.  This aspect of the program is exceedingly new to me and I find the practice strange as it is completely atypical of anything I have ever experienced.  Yesterday I met with the dietician for the first time.  I suppose I shouldn’t have been shocked, yet I still can’t […]

Feeling Groovy…

Today marks day two of me exercise regime.  I actually feel pretty good. First things first.   Yesterday I was slightly concerned about starting.  I knew that it wouldn’t kill me, but I remember my experience from the week before when I had the physical assessment.  That was the eye opener.  From that day I started […]

Less than 24 hours till E-Day. (Exercise)

Yesterday I met with the physician regarding my physical assessment for the 20/20 Lifestyles program at the Pro Club in Bellevue, WA.  I am unfit, but not a complete basket case.  With some hard work and re-education I should be able to reverse many of the heath issues I am facing.   Something I’ve been thinking […]

Baby Steps

In the last few days I’ve made baby steps towards my new “life challenge.”  Monday I got psychoanalyzed to assure that I was in the correct mindset to effectively complete the program.  Mood plays a very important part in life and when emotional issue flare it can be extremely difficult to overcome.  Talking to someone […]

My thinking from last weekend…

July 30, 2006 I haven’t updated this site in a long time. It is amazing the number of things that can happen to a person over the years. I had every intention of getting around to doing something with this site and it’s sister sites, but never made or found the time to do it. […]