Yesterdays fire drill wasn’t much to worry about. My “fantastic” weight loss is likely related to the fact that I am STILL eating too few calories. My struggles with the exercise is likely do to my body finally getting annoyed that I haven’t been taking in enough calories. That is the diagnoses from my dietician. […]

Honeymoon Over?

The last two days I have been struggling with my feelings and my energy levels. Too many variables are involved to pinpoint the cause and that just adds to the frustration. On Friday I got reintroduced to grains in the form of whole wheat. I’ve had about 100-120 calories a day from adding that back […]

Bad, Bad, Boy

This weekend I was a bad boy. I am not liking this trend and I want to stop it before it becomes a more pronounced habit. Sunday I was off my plan slightly again. I didn’t have anything I wasn’t permitted, however I had way too much of some things and I paid for it […]


Life can be very interesting at times. I am sitting on my couch, in front of my T.V. typing this out after watching an Episode of Modern Marvels. MM is a T.V. show that airs on the History Channel. It is one of my favorite T.V. shows because it is real edutainment for me. The […]


Today I got whole grains back in my diet. However, I get to be very slow in the uptake of this particular delicacy. Because most people have the most trouble with adding grains back as a regular part of the diet this reintroduction to grains is slow. Only about 100 calories a day from grains. […]


My plans for chili world domination on Saturday ended up getting put on hold for a day. I was helping some friends move furniture for a kitchen remodel and associated work. We went to dinner and watched a movie instead. This morning I was wide awake at 5am. I couldn’t go back to sleep so […]

Beans! Chili!

It is official! I am under 300lbs for the first time in about 4 years. After increasing my calories again last week, I still misplaced about 8lbs. Unlike my car keys, I hope I never rediscover them again. I feel pretty good even with the little mental speed bump I had earlier in the week. […]

XL Shirts arrived!

The XL shirts that I ordered last week arrived today.  I ~can~ actually put them on and button them up!  I am not comfortable in them and it is unlikely that I will be comfortable in them for another month or so, but they do fit!  I like my shirts loose.  That 9 inches makes […]

Five Week Review

I had my five week review with the doctor this morning. I will let the table below speak for me. My results are a little unusual, but I always strive for something a little more than adequate. (I am not overly competitive in general.) 08/02/06 09/12/06 Delta Weight 328 298 -30 Blood Pressure 128/80 128/72 […]

Waning enthusiasm?

The last couple of days I have been less enthusiastic about going into exercise. It isn’t much and it is the weekend, however I am concerned about it becoming more pronounced. I suppose the fact that I am aware of my feelings is a major part of correcting the problem. Tomorrow morning I go through […]