Half way yet?

I am conflicted about the impressions people are having about my weight loss. The weirdest part for me is that so many people keep on telling me that I am looking good. In comparison I ~may~ look much better when put against the image of the near past, but I am not quite half way […]

10 Week Review

Off by about a week because of scheduling, but it is the results that matter! 08/02/06 09/12/06 10/16/06 Total Change Weight 328 298 273 -55 Blood Pressure 128/80 128/72 121/72 -7/-8 Chest Girth 51.25 48.5 45 -6.25 Waist Girth 55.25 46.25 44 -11.25 Hips Girth 49.5 47.25 44.25 -5.25 Waist to Hip Ratio 1.12 .98 […]

Expecting Elevated Expectations

Another week goes by. I was ill on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Just about the time I finished writing my last entry my body started telling me time to quit. I crashed pretty hard and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and thankfully most of the evening. Thursday wasn’t that much better. Today […]

Still O-Beast…

I’ve been feeling ill again. After last week’s awesome workouts it is kind of a bummer to be feeling sick. I was a little dizzy during part of my workout this morning and I wasn’t fully able to push myself at the level I wanted. My belief is that this isn’t a response to food. […]

You spin me right round baby, right round…

Today I did something I have wanted to do for a while but never really made myself do. A little history comes first. Back before I got my drivers license (ancient history really) I used to bicycle a lot. In Colorado near the foothills of the Rockies hills are just a fact of life. I […]

Red letter day?

Woot!  It is official!  I have discarded 50lbs from the beginning of the program! With the day to day fluctuations in my weight I am only slightly disappointed that it wasn’t 52 like I thought it might be. It ~would~ have been that on Wednesday. The most important thing for me to remember is that […]

Awesome Morning

Today I am feeling great again. Yesterday’s cardio workout was really good. Today’s was fantastic. Both days my heart rate and energy levels were top notch. I really feel good. Tomorrow I learn if I have officially passed the 50lb mark on the program. According to the “unofficial” scale I am there and a little […]

Fun spreading the sheets… ;)

Sometimes a visualization of the numbers comes in handy.  Besides, it gave me something to do while waiting on a build…


I thought it might be fun to show my progress… August 11, 2006            October 5, 2006   Is it hard to see the difference?  Yeah, I shaved my beard for the first time in fourteen years AND they are not quite the same shirt.  The picture on the left has me in a XXXL shirt […]

Never a feather….

All the dieticians for the program are attending a conference in the city of sin. Lucky people! It’s been a few years from the last time I visited Las Vegas. I wouldn’t say it is my favorite place to go on vacation, but it has its charms. I bring this up because my weight measurement […]