Today I had a happy ~almost~ surprise.  I kinda figured it would happen, but it was nice to finally reach the point.  When I started the program I was buying XXXL t-shirts from Foot Locker @ 5 for $20.  I was contemplating moving to 4XL at the time, but thankfully I started the program!  Today […]

California Dreaming!

I’ve been visiting my brother and his wife for the last week. Travel makes sticking to the plan a lot harder. Even with support it was also difficult to stick to the plan because of schedule differences. With all of that said, I STILL officially dropped 6 pounds. I am now at 235. This was […]

D’oh – Nuts!

I am happily unhappy! It is JUST a number and by all accounts I really shouldn’t mind it too much. The real fact of the matter is that my spotlight on the number only bothers me peripherally. However the fact that I continually write about it is an indicator that it does mean something. Life […]

Blown Away…

Well, this weekend was a fun one for me! After living in Miami for a few years and dealing with hurricanes, you would think I would be ready for a little wind and related damage. While the windstorm that hit the PNW late Thursday and early Friday was a “light” storm compared to a “real” […]


For the first time this century, I found myself on the ski slopes yesterday. It was awesomeness on two sticks! I am not a great skier and you will never find me WALKING down a black diamond, but I do enjoy a good blue run. A co-worker and I journeyed up to Stevens Pass for […]


I am mad and I would have been angry regardless of the actual outcome of today’s weigh-in. It was a lose/lose situation regardless of what the scale says! I’ve been exhibiting binging behavior for the last couple of weeks. My choices for these binges have been all within the program and are generally healthy choices […]

Two planker again!

It is semi-official. Last weekend I committed a large portion of my budget to obtaining the requisite attire for plummeting down a mountain in a controlled manner on H20 in a solid fluffy state. All that verbiage for me saying that I am ready to go skiing again! Unless something comes up to change my […]

It’s December!!!!

I almost cannot believe that another year has nearly past. Even the time that I have spent on the 20/20 Lifestyles Program has really seemed to have flown by. My weight this week wasn’t bad overall. From the time that I spoke with my dietician last to this week I lost weight on her records. […]