I “forgot” to weigh myself this morning. I suppose I did it on purpose. I actually did remember that I could have weighed myself before I left the gym but I consciously decided against it. I did this for a number of reasons. The first is that it is a different time of day and […]

New Low…

It isn’t that new, and it was more obvious to others than to me.  When some one mentioned to me that I looked like a teen age rapper, I decided to try my size 34 jeans again.  What do ya know!  They fit and I would have no problem wearing them for an entire day.  […]

Back on Track

I look into why I had a setback, it is nearly blatantly obvious to me why it happened. All you really have to do is a little math and look into the “evil” that I did to my body. Last week I went through an entire large jar of Adams® Natural Peanut Butter. A jar […]


I knew it was GOING to happen THIS time, but even I was surprised at the extent of the re-gain.  It just shows me how easy it is to put the pounds BACK on after leaving them!  I am once again at the 234 number.  ~Part~ of this is because I am being weighed at […]

Crying Wolf…

I have been there and done this before, but this is my blog and I want to make a record of how I am feeling.  This week I am likely to gain about a pound from last week.   In the grand scheme of things I suppose this isn’t hideously bad, I am just annoyed that […]

Something New…

Just under a couple of weeks ago I decided to do the STP double century ride. During my musings with the staff at the Pro Club, my dietician recommended a group called Team in Training. I ~have~ done century rides before, but not in this century! I know I was going to need a regimen […]

Phase 1 Results (Raw Data)

These results are pretty cool.  My understanding is that I will get another set of measurements half way through Phase 2 and a final blood draw at the end of Phase 2. 08/02/06 09/12/06 10/16/06 11/20/06 01/09/07 Total Change Weight 328 298 273 254 234 -94 Blood Pressure 128/80 128/72 121/72 112/70 134/86* +6/+6* Chest […]

So Close!!!!

I have an unofficial weigh-in today at 230.  This morning I was at 227 at home, but I regularly gain about 2-4 pounds after breakfast and hydration.  So close to the century mark on the program!  With any “luck” I will pass that mark officially next Friday!   Skiing again tomorrow!  It is going to […]

Seattle to Portland

It is time for a new category of writing on my blog.  On my Birthday I made the choice that this year was the year I do the Seattle to Portland double century ride.  This marks the first entry on my journey towards making that goal a reality. In one week I am attending a […]

Pictures are worth more than words…

  I will get the other numbers like Cholesterol and the girth factors next week…