Around the lake!

Today I did something that I have talked about for at least 10 years. I rode around Lake Washington on my bicycle! This 50 mile journey was incredible and I feel great! Today’s effort was in preparation for the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic in July. During that ride I get to do over 100 […]

It always catches up…

I’ve been hovering around 212-216 in the mornings and never over 218 in the evenings. Tonight I just got off the scale and it said 223. I ~had~ just consumed a liter of water and hadn’t visited the white receptacle yet, but after I was done the scale still reported 221. Remember that “hypothetical” red […]


  No more fence sitting.  Drum role please… Meet Scobee:   Scobee is named after American Astronaut Dick Scobee. Meet Yuri:   Yuri is named after Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin These two are definitely brothers.  Like my brother and I, they are constantly fighting with each other, but still good friends.  I can see that […]

What a weekend…

Saturday there was NO CHANCE in hell that I was going to go and ride in the rain. I dislike it on the best of days and well, Saturday was more for ducks than humans. Many insane folks did ride on Saturday. More power to them! I waited for Sunday. More on that later. Saturday […]

New tracking method/Life on Life

Now that my official time on the 20/20 Lifestyles program is over and it is mostly up to me to track my continued weight loss and eventual weight maintenance I am moving my measurements to my home scale first thing in the morning buck naked after visiting the porcelain throne. I have a calendar and […]

Purring in Stereo

I have two content little (still unnamed) kitties purring on each side of the keyboard as I type this. Loudly. Both are rumbling away. I should be able to feel the purr in the keyboard. At least I know they are happy about something. I’ve been considering names for the beasties and these are the […]

Final 20/20 Lifestyles Program Results

08/02/06 09/12/06 10/16/06 11/20/06 01/09/07 03/07/07 Total Change Weight 328 298 273 254 234 215 -113 Blood Pressure 128/80 128/72 121/72 112/70 134/86* 120/78 -8/-2 Chest Girth 51.25 48.5 45 42.75 42.5 40.25 -11 Waist Girth 55.25 46.25 44 41 40 37.5 -17.75 Hips Girth 49.5 47.25 44.25 43 42.25 41 -8.5 Waist to Hip […]

It’s just the beginning…

On Monday I meet for the last official portion of my 20/20 Lifestyles program. It is a kind of bitter sweet realization. On one hand I am pleased as punch that the program has helped me get as far as I have in the last seven months. My last numbers are going to be either […]

Preview of Final 20/20 Lifestyles results…

I get the full numbers on the program on Monday. I am still not DONE and don’t want to ever be done with the lifestyle change.


Still working on naming the beasties but these are my new friends: They are brothers and are starting to adapt to their new home.  In less than a week I expect them to completely own the place.  Their first night was a little timid.  The one with the white bib is the alpha male and […]