When will it stop!????

Ok, this is an annoying problem to have especially in light of my binging behavior the last couple days! When will it end?? So, I am completely in size 34 jeans now. They aren’t even tight anymore. In fact if things keep on going the way they are I am highly likely to require a belt […]


It has been two years from the death of my first cat (Kamin) and about a year and a half from the death of my second cat (Dax).  Both died in 2005 while I was living in Florida. I’ve wanted cats in my life again but I had been putting it off for a number […]

Force fed…. NOT!

I have been having binge eating episodes again.  The last couple of nights I have consumed around 1000 extra calories within the span of an hour in a similar fashion to how I used to eat ice-cream or other “bad” foods. At the very least what I’ve been eating has been MUCH better for me […]

Well sighted — sort of

I am highly near sighted and I have astigmatism in both eyes. Glasses in about an hour was rarely possible until recently. I have been skeptical about the ability of contacts to solve my vision issues. When my contacts work, they work awesome. Unfortunately, they only fully work about 85% of the time. The position […]