More time on the bike…

This weekend I just kept on going farther and farther. Saturday I road with my Team in Training group and we did 60 miles at an 18.0 mile per hour average. I was off and actually not feeling at my peak. Still, it was a good day. Sunday I road with another rather large group […]

Farthest/Longest ~ever~!

Something someone said to me a few months back made quite a bit of sense.  It was along the lines of: “Running is the best exercise, especially on vacation or travelling.  It is easy to take a pair of running shoes with you.  Try taking your bicycle with you on the plane.”  I have been […]


Today was one of those days that was meant to be spent outside. I had thought about doing a ride early this morning. At 7:30 the sky was clear and things looked good. By the time I was ready (I had forgot to dry my riding clothes from yesterday) It had clouded up and was […]


I am not accustomed to paying over $100 for a shirt. Heck, most of the time I balk at a $40 shirt. All I can say is that the Nordstrom shirts I purchased tonight better darn well be worth it. Weird thing is that both of the shirts ended up being medium and the t-shirt […]

Will it hold?

Last night I saw the writing on the scale. I ended the day at the same weight that I started the day. When this happens I generally start the next day 2-3 pounds lighter. I was 211.2 last night and this morning I FINALLY broke the 210 barrier with 208.4! Now the key to this […]


Yesterday I went out trying to do some retail therapy. Too many places closed for Easter, but Eddie Bauer’s in the Redmond Town Center was open so I stopped in. I generally don’t shop at that store out of a matter of principal. Retail is OK, but EB is too much. Anyway, I tried on […]

“Only” 62 miles this weekend…

Yesterday we had a team ride on Vashon Island. Because of the “hills” the ride coach made this ride shorter than rides we have been doing lately. For ME this wasn’t required, but I am not the only one on the team and not everyone is in the same condition. Some are in much better […]


I am teetering on the edge of breaking the 210 barrier. Yesterday afternoon following my ride, I saw exactly 210.0 on the scale. It is going to happen and if I can keep my binging under control it should happen THIS week.

Nearly there (again!)

Over the last few weeks I have been battling the binge. I have almost got it under control and my period of “maintenance” hopefully will stop and I can start dropping again. To that end, I have seen 223 last week and 210.8 this morning. I didn’t really drop over 10 pounds of weight in […]

Inconvenient, indeed.

A bunch of semi coherent ramblings follow.  I have yet to ferment any of my raw feelings into something I can use. Still too much information to slog through and process. Today I started the day with a nice 4-5 mile hike that started with mostly cloudy skies, climbed into the snow line, and ended […]