20/20 Update

It is getting close to 11 months from my start of the 20/20 Lifestyles program.  I have been reflecting back on how I feel and the stress that I have been going through in my life lately.  I can honestly say that without the knowledge I have gained from the program I would have easily […]

Another decent day…

I wasn’t able to ride into work today for various reasons. That sucked, but the weather tonight was nearly perfect for a late evening cruise around Lake Sammamish. Just to make life a little interesting I went around the lake clockwise tonight. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t risk it, but it was late enough that […]

Over 2,000…

Today I passed the 2000 mile mark this year riding my bicycle.  Compared to some, that isn’t a huge deal.  I ride with some guys that are already in the 4-5 thousand mile range for the year.  For me it is wonderful.  Today also marks another first for this year.  I had my first flat.  […]

Peninsula “Metric” Century

I have done my third 100 mile ride today. The Peninsula Metric Century had the option of doing a full 100 miles in addition to the 100 Kilometer "normal" version of the ride.  I did the 100 mile version.  The ride was fairly challenging and roughly equivalent to the 14 Hills of Kirkland ride the week […]

Love the weather!

Another month gone in 2007.   I have been tracking my daily weight for over two months now and I have noticed a trend.  It is subtle, but it is there and I am generally pleased with what it says.  I bounce around +/- 4 pounds around a number for a couple of weeks, but that number […]