Still maintaining, but having ups and downs

In just over 2 weeks I will have been working on the "diet" portion of the 20/20 Lifestyles program for a full year.  Over all I consider myself as doing a good job, but I am still not successful yet.  My definition of success is making it to 8/11/2008 and still being at or below where I […]

STP Photos

 I am very disappointed in the quality of these photos.  The photographer that was taking the photos at the finish line was lame.  The ones that actually are in good focus I look extra dorky in so I won’t post those!   I had an extra jersey and riding shorts to change into at lunch.  […]

204 Miles, 12h:20m total!

After many months of training and tons of time on the bike I have completed the 2007 Group Heath Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.  My stats according to the GPS: Total Time     (h:m:s)   12:24:36Moving Time  (h:m:s)   10:07:37Distance (mi )              202.65Moving Speed (mph)    20.0 avg.    36.5 max.Elevation Gain (ft)        +6,094 / -5,976 I started the timer […]

Preparation is key

There is nothing like re-learning a lesson that I already learned to help drive a point home.  Over the last couple of weeks I had been sliding ever so slightly back into my old habits.  That just isn’t going to work for me long term.  When I try and wing-it I end up having less […]