Slow rider

From early August I have not been able to ride and it follows that I wouldn’t ride into work either.  Today marks the first time in over 3 months that I have commuted into work on bike.  It was a work out.  My heart rate was as high as 175!  When I was riding more […]

On the road again!

Today I was on my bike again for the first time in over three months!  I was able to ride around Lake Sammamish which is a little over 23 miles.  Given my current physical shape and the fact that I haven’t had a chance to do real cardio in the same timeframe I am pretty […]

Getting Better

While the doctor hasn’t given me a "clean bill of health" (and likely never will 100%) I am doing tons better over the last couple of weeks.  My energy levels have returned to a semblance of "normal" for me.   The majority of days I have energy.  Yeah!  In fact the doc said that I could […]