4 Kindles in one year?

I am a reader. I like to read books. Mostly fiction and a large part of that is of the SciFi variety.  When I first saw the Sony reader I was tempted, but due to a lack of reading material I didn’t bite.  Later the first edition Kindle came out and again I was tempted, […]


Working in an industry that tends to have a large number of people from various countries around the world, I am not overly surprised by the fact that different groups of people assign meaning to different parts of the year. December in my household growing up was always a family time even if we didn’t […]


The last time I traveled internationally I gave myself just 2 hours at the airport before my flight left.  It was a little stressful because I made it to the gate with only 10 or so minutes to spare before the crush of loading the plane. This time I gave myself a little under three […]

Technical Interviewing

I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the questions I have been asked in the past for technical interviews recently and I have come to the conclusion that they mostly suck and I have no idea how to make them 100% better. It is not that the questions aren’t relevant, but that they don’t […]


I am feeling nostalgic tonight and thought I would write a little about my history as a person that “makes computers go.” I’ve been a developer of software for most of my life.  With the exception of failing miserably to run a business for a few years in starting in 2002, I’ve been programming computers […]