Lua base64 __again__ D’oh!

I am at it again. Sigh. Optimization is trial and error. I have an encoding project that was taking a good 60+ seconds using BASH when a “huge” number of files uncovered the inherent inefficiency. Moving “invariant encoding” out of the main loop helped. The time was down to around 30 seconds. However, I ~knew~ […]


Sometimes I take things “to extreme.” Given a “coding challenge” and way too much extra time on my hands… I needed a natural Lua base64 encoding and wasn’t happy with the ones I found. Using the same base file (818K) as input (on the same machine) I started at around 1.3 seconds and was able […]

base64 encoding in Lua par duex

Sleep. Helps the brain. After getting a decent nights sleep, I considered the algorithm I used (which was considerably faster than anything I previously found) and figured itĀ could be better after finding another version on github. Re-thinking my main conversion routine doubled the performance. Natural Lua code is still orders of magnitude slower than optimized […]

base64 encoding

I needed a “natural” Lua base64 encoding routine for a fun project I was working on so I went looking for something in the cloud. I found a “ton” of examples and quickly became disappointed. Man they reeked of poorly performing code. Part of the cruft was that many of the routines had been written […]

Welcome to AWS

Today I moved my “highly used” blog over to an AWS EC2 server. Much of the content was originally created using the now dead “live spaces”. Because this site receives such a large volume of visitors (ha!) I am not going to bother scrubbing ALL of the image links. Many of them still work, but […]