Waning Weight November 28, 2006 at 10:05 am

This week is looking like I may have regained a couple of pounds. It is early in the week, but over the weekend my weight had gone up more than the “normal” daily fluctuations. Basically I am just not sure if I will officially break the 250 barrier or not. According to the program my last official weight was 254. The 250 number to the right is based on me using the normal scale that I am weighed on every Friday. My dietician was off for the Thanksgiving holiday so the number is not logged other than as my own reference. I am not supposed to worry about the numbers unless the trend starts upward for two consecutive weeks. Just because I am not supposed to worry about it, doesn’t mean I don’t! Will I be officially under 250 on Friday?

The last three weeks I have been unable to do the spinning classes because of the back pain that happened from before. This is really starting to annoy me greatly because I would really like to continue cycling more. I was going to ask my PT if she thought it would be OK to start up again but a snow storm in the area resulted in a canceled appointment today. My trainer is the one responsible for the moratorium on the spinning. She doesn’t want me to inflict that kind of pain on me again. I do appreciate her worries, but I really feel that the primary cause was from me jogging. This is based on my previous discussions with the PT. I hope I remember to ask about it on Thursday. I really want to start these classes again.

Last night in the PNW we have had a fairly substantial snow storm for the area. It is nothing like what happens in Colorado (where I grew up) or other areas of the country, but for this area it really puts a spanner in the works. We are setup to deal with lots of H2O assaulting the area from the sky, but just not really ready to handle the onslaught when the temperature dips below the freezing point of water. I am staying home at least in the morning. I’ll probably try and hit my facilities down stairs. I wonder if I’ll have to fight others for the equipment. As I finish writing this, the sun is out! If this storm is anything like the others I’ve experienced in this area, things will be back to normal by the end of the day. This storm wasn’t ANYTHING like the one back in December of ’96. Even that storm’s impact was short lived. After pretty much shutting down the city for a day it rained and that did a good job of reducing the foot of snow into nothing. However, during until the snow had lost enough energy to melt the extra weight that the snow carried helped it to obliterate many more car park covers than had already failed because of the snow. The apartment complex I lived in at the time lost 90% of its car parks.

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