What a difference a day can make… November 2, 2006 at 11:22 am

Today I am in a better place than I was yesterday. I did something this morning that I am particularly happy about. Once again it is not a huge accomplishment for some, but for me it marks a milestone that has been a long time coming. Today I was able to jog a FULL mile on the treadmill at 5mph. I had to back it off, not because of my heart rate, but because of my legs. I still weigh a hefty 269ish pounds and that creates a lot of stress on the legs. (That is MY excuse and I am sticking to it!) For the half hour I was on the treading mill, I jogged a total of 17 minutes at 5mph. The first twelve was the mile and then I did another five minutes towards the end! I am very happy with that result. It has been many many many years from the last time I actually jogged a FULL mile. It quite literally could be half a lifetime ago because that last time I remember doing that was in high school.

Tomorrow I know what my new official weight is. I am nervously excitedly interested in the results. As I mentioned yesterday I am trying to set myself up mentally for another week of “small” numbers this week. It ~is~ the more expected reality. If I keep on repeating it, maybe I will believe it!

The “spinning” classes are really enjoyable. After the first two weeks the bottom pain has disappeared and I can push through the entire workout. It is getting better and better. I am still enjoying the morning workouts and most days are very good with respect to the exercise. It helps a lot to have “tunage” to listen to. I am STILL shocked to find myself listening to ONLY country music now. I’ve always liked many forms of music, but I generally didn’t care for country. Life throws some interesting curveballs your way doesn’t it? Like country? Try my favorite source for music: Ernie’s Upbeat Country Radio at http://pandora.com. Pandora has tons and tons of music, and I have other stations that aren’t country, but country has been my focus lately.

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