Normalcy November 15, 2006 at 12:53 pm

My first impression of Designed Dinners is yummy, but maybe not for me. First off let me explain that I think the food is awesome and the idea is good. However, I am not convinced that (for me) it is 100% worth it. The idea is you go to the web site, select a number of meals and go to DD and either (for an extra fee) pickup the prepped meals or do a little “grunt work” and prep them yourself. When you arrive at DD, there are a number of workstations with ingredients and instructions on how to prepare each of the main courses. Basically what it boils down to is a shopping service with recipe selection and a fairly easy place to do the prep work. You then take all of the stuff home and stick it in the freezer. You are responsible for taking the food out of the freezer, and cooking it. Plus you should have a side dish or salad. Given that I have a nice kitchen and don’t generally hate food shopping, the only real gains from this service are less clean up and the recipes. This service would have much more value to me if I was in an apartment that had a tiny kitchen or I didn’t want to take the extra minutes to do prep work. Anyway, I think the food is going to be very tasty and the service has value, but I am not sure it warrant’s me becoming a regular customer. Stay tuned.

Today marks another 20/20 Lifestyles Milestone for me! I watched the last video today. I have about six more weeks of Phase 1 left. That pretty much coincides with the end of the year. I can review any of the videos that I would like at any time and there are a few that I would like to go over again, but for now I am happy to get the extra 15 minutes of my day back! I enjoyed the videos and think the idea of physical exertion while watching a video is a good one. However for me it would have worked better if I could watch the videos when I did the rest of my cardio. My general workout M-W-F has been an hour of cardio then 55 minutes with my trainer, the video, and some stretching. I’ll probably keep the same idea with the video omitted.

I still love it when people notice my reduced girth. However, I still have a long ways to go and now I am longing for the days when ALL of my XL shirts are completely loose. Standing, the shirts are very comfortable. When I sit my still large belly makes them a little tight and serves as a reminder that I still not where I want to be. I like to think of this as a plus! With all of the comments that people are making about my size, it is nice to have a subtle reminder that the journey towards a better waistline has a ways to go.

I have a hard time counting laps when I swim. To that end I purchased one of these:

I am hoping that this little device will be the answer to my counting dilemma. If I am 100% focused on counting it is not an issue. However as soon as I let my mind wander onto anything else, I completely lose track. Even something as mundane as focusing on kicking or making sure my strokes are in good form makes me lose count. Tuesday I lost it around 24 laps. I know I did some ware between 60 and 80 laps, but that is quite the range! Oh well. I am sure I will write about my results!

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