Ga-Zoink! November 10, 2006 at 11:31 am

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised (I knew it could be like this on Wednesday), but given the last couple of weeks results I am still a little surprised. Happy, yet surprised. Even with my last entry opining the very thing I am focusing on I am still focusing on the single metric of my current weight. Take three days off AND essentially increase my calories and still drop a bunch of weight is cool to me. The number on the weekly weigh-in is effected by rounding and weight fluctuates by about 5-6 pounds for me during the day, but clearly the trend is still downward!

My trainer said “if you do a spinning class this weekend I will find you another trainer.” Tempting. Tempting. (I kid. That would suck.) So I am aloud to swim again. I need to find some solution to counting my laps as I have a very bad habit of not being able to count and the heart rate monitor doesn’t transmit well under water. It works under water, it just don’t transmit the data to the receiver.

So the real possibility exists that I will be under 250 by the time I see my brother again over the Christmas holiday. This will be the lowest weight I have been for ten years. I was right around the 240-250 mark when I first moved to the Seattle area. I now am clearly past the half way mark to my revised initial target goal weight. I am tempted to celebrate with food, however I have learned that this as a reward stimulus is contrary to maintaining a healthy diet (especially for me) and I will have to come up with another idea.

One Response to “Ga-Zoink!”

  1. Extra cool, you will be ready for some mountain biking next month.  Then you will know what real exercise (and pain) feels like :>) 
    In all seriousness, I am proud of you.  Inspiring stuff.