In Plain Site November 9, 2006 at 7:43 pm

It is interesting how everyone focuses on the obvious (me included!). The way we look is important. So many things that humans do is related to how others perceive us. A few minutes ago a co-worker was commenting on my reduced girth. I really do love the fact that people notice my size. It is a little fun when someone that knows me on the periphery see’s me in my new state. Anyway, back to my point. Everyone notices the reduced girth and loose shirts, but only a very few completely realize that this is a very minimal aspect of the entire 20/20 Lifestyles Program. I ~was~ close to having type two diabetes. My blood pressure ~was~ high and I was encouraged to use drugs. I wheezed and broke a sweat just walking up a single flight of stairs. These are all things that this program has COMPLETELY corrected. I won’t know how much my cholesterol levels and other blood work numbers changed until the end of the program, but I can tell you it is likely that I have fully corrected ALL of these so called “metabolic disorders. “ This is one of the biggest wins.

Some things I love about the program:

  • I eat very tasty food and I am rarely physically hungry and only when I forget to eat. (Mental issues are outside the scope of the program but not having the biological pulls helps a bunch.)
  • Physically I am able to do many activities that just three months ago I could not have done.
  • When I have problems I have a very friendly and supportive group of people to fall back on that KNOW what to do.
  • I won’t have to use drugs to correct blood pressure or other issues.
  • I can get in and out of the car much easier.
  • I have learned HOW to work good food into my diet.
  • I save TONS of money because I like to know what is in my food and the best way to get this information is prepare it yourself.
  • I don’t bump into doors as much with my belly now.
  • I see parts of my anatomy that have been obscured for years.
  • I HAVE energy all day long.
  • The program has adjusted to me and MY needs as opposed to being a one size fits all deal.
  • The people at the Pro Club are uber friendly.
  • I’ve had to relearn time management skills and planning ahead.
  • Meal tracking helps me understand my needs MUCH better and helps with resetting my portion detection.


    I still have a long way to go! There is a very good chance that this week will mark the half way point for my revised target weight milestone. Remember that my ultimate GOAL is to live a long, healthy life at a reasonable weight. I will not end all of the things I am doing once I get to the target weight milestone. I’ve seen what happens. I’ve experienced what happens.

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    1. Your doing an awesome job!  Keep it up Ernie!