Wet behind the ears November 9, 2006 at 12:01 pm

After my back fiasco earlier this week, I was told to take it easy and not push it too hard. On one hand I like the rest on the other it annoys me because I don’t want to break the pattern I have established. It would be too easy for me to fall into my old sloth like ways. The good thing is my back feels more like it was bruised than someone was stabbing me. I am still stiff, but I can move without the pain.

Part of my "take it easy" was to avoid high impact cardio exercises. My options were the recumbent cycle, swimming, and casual walks. I took the opportunity to re-introduce myself to swimming. In High School I lettered in swimming and while in Jr. High I was on a local swim team. I pretty much haven’t been swimming on any regular basis for something like 19 years now! Yesterday morning and today I swam some laps. I am notorious for not being able to actually count my laps, so I couldn’t tell you how many I did during the couple of hours over the last couple of days I was in the pool. It feels good. I ain’t gonna do no triathlon neither.

Of all the physical activities I haven’t done in years that I enjoy it only leaves skiing! This year that will probably happen. thumbs_up

Tomorrow I get weighed again. I have a good idea what I will be at. Because of the fluctuation in weight I really don’t want to speculate on the actual result in writing. Check in tomorrow and see.

A friend who is on the program got beans back last week. He enjoyed my chili the last time and I’ve been thinking a good “Thanksgiving” chili was in order , so I plan on hauling out the 12 quart stock pot again this weekend and making up some good eats. Time to hit Sam’s joint again for “Maters and y’ins.”

The only “drawback” to the chili this weekend is my appointment with Designed Dinners on Tuesday. I’ll just have to share more! I did promise another friend I wouldn’t be stingy with the chili this time. I like it very spicy. Mmmm….

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