Back at it again November 6, 2006 at 8:48 pm

Today has been a very bad day for me. Saturday afternoon, my lower back was giving me problems. During the day on Sunday things got worse. I had hoped that by this morning I would have powered through the issue and been able to do a normal workout. Not the case. I tried doing the Elliptical this morning and was immediately rewarded by nearly unbearable pain. Keep in mind that I am a wimp and I stopped as soon as it was marginally painful. I’ve had MUCH worse pain in my back before so I didn’t really want to encourage it. I tried stretching and that just tweaked things even worse. So I waited around for my trainer to see if she had any ideas. An extra session with a physical therapist later, I was sent home and told to avoid strenuous exercise until the pain subsided. I was encouraged to swim, so that is my plan for tomorrow morning. As a co-worker put it, I was walking around most of the day looking like I had to go to the restroom urgently. I have been favoring the lower back all day. The exercises the physical therapist gave me seem to help some, so I am hopeful that a good swim will not exacerbate the situation any.

The working theory is a tri-fecta of causes. On Friday I jogged 2 miles which felt really good, but did a number on my legs. Saturday mornings spinning class was extra fun because of the sore legs and I walked away from the cycle with jell-o for legs. That after noon I spent an hour and a half at the movies sitting in a not overly back friendly manner. All of these things probably contributed to muscles that hadn’t been used much, getting an extra good helping of workout and complaining rather loudly about it. I don’t seem to have any nerve damage according to the PT, just general muscle fatigue based on the tests they did and the symptoms experienced. Whew. I would have tingling legs and/or pains that journeyed through the legs and arms when I tweaked my back. The back pain, while intense, is localized to my back and the other adjoining muscles.

Maybe this is the sign or the encouragement I needed to get back in the pool. I wonder if the fact that I tried on my swim trunks for the first time in a year or so on Sunday has anything to do with it? Yeah, they fit real good now.

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