I shouldn’t try and think so much… November 1, 2006 at 1:56 pm

The club must have purchased NEW towels! How else can you explain the fact that I have no trouble at all keeping a towel wrapped around either my hips OR my waist now! The only explanation MUST be that the towels are getting bigger?

I am trying to prepare myself for this week’s weigh in. I am likely to have a minimal loss again this week. I would be very surprised if the loss this week is over about 2.5 pounds or so. I’ve increased my calories this last week (not completely on purpose). My prediction? With rounding I ~may~ see 266 and it might only be at 267 on Friday. I think of this as how a company steers the stock market as to what expectations buyers should have for the results. It is mainly for myself. I ~will~ be disappointed if I don’t see at least 267 this week. Anything better than that is “gravy.” Dam, now I am thinking about gravy!

With the holidays and colder weather coming up I’ve decided to try a food preparation service that the 20/20 Lifestyles Program recommends. A company call Designed Dinners has a service that preps meals that you can freeze and reheat later. While I’ve had them split the meals into 2, two serving packs, my biggest worry is that most of the meals are really geared toward couples or families. At the very least, I am planning on using the service to get ideas on how to pre-make food and save it for later. My Mom and Grandma were the queens of “homemade” T.V. dinners. I never really paid much attention with how they did all of those things and I now regret that. (Both are no longer with us.) I’ve never been a huge fan of left-over food, but that was mainly because I didn’t like reheating stuff like Pizza and the like. The killer thing (literally) was I did eat a lot of store bought T.V. dinners! New stuff is good.

This last week I have been battling some stupid and annoying emotional issues and I have found myself not 100% sure if I am turning to food as comfort or if I am actually feeling hungry.  Last night I exceeded my caloric intake by about 250 calories and today I “self” medicated a little bit.  I had the Bistro make a ½ Cup Regular and ½ Cup Decaf Vanilla coffee shake (with the coldness outside this was a nice change from the cold shakes).  I only worry about this because of my history with caffeine.   I pretty much REALLY abused it to help get me through the whole sleep deprived world of apnea induced mental lag.  When a couple of cups a day turned into 3 or 4 QUAD lattes a day AND using NoDose pills to supplement the coffee something tells me there was a problem.  Hindsight being 20/20 and all I know why it happened and I am in a better place now, but I do worry about a “relapse” and having caffeine  be a gateway “drug” into other bad eating habits.fingerscrossed

I ~could~ (didn’t really want to mind you) have had a bunch of candy yesterday.  It was flaunted and still readily available today.  The cool thing is that I wince at the thought of having the candy and what it would do to me.  (Kill me slowly. smile_wink)  However I still feel “weak” that I broke down and had a little regular coffee to self medicate my mood today.  I am not sure if the coffee or the catharsis of just writing about the concerns is what is helping to pull me out of the “mood” I was in.  Last night the “slip” was all from “good” sources and wasn’t anything “evil” but it still bothers me that it wasn’t “intentional.”

So, in conclusion I feel better just simply writing this and I am not on target to implode or anything like that.  I just wanted to kinda put things out on the table instead of internalizing them and letting it stew.  Mmmm Stew sounds good…


2 Responses to “I shouldn’t try and think so much…”

  1. What does your program recommend regarding the timing of your food intake?  Does timing change throughout the program?  Do they recommend disciplined grazing?

  2. Everyone is different, but that general guideline is 5 “meals” a day.  I generally break that down to about 500 Calories for Breakfast, 300 Calories for morning Snack, 500 Calories for Lunch, 300 Calories for Afternoon Snack, and 500-600 calories for dinner.  These numbers are the approximate and general breakdown.  During the weekends I graze a lot more than during the week.