Expecting Elevated Expectations October 20, 2006 at 12:09 pm

Another week goes by. I was ill on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Just about the time I finished writing my last entry my body started telling me time to quit. I crashed pretty hard and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon and thankfully most of the evening. Thursday wasn’t that much better. Today however I was able to do a relaxing workout and feel like I’ll make it through the day. Whew.

I am still thinking quite a bit about my “stellar” weight loss. A part of me worries when it is larger (like this week) and another part of me worries when it is less (like last week). My poor dietician can’t win on this one. Over all I am still doing exceedingly well and have nothing to complain about so I should probably just shut up! However people that know me, know I rarely ever do so… I am now at a state that I keep on expecting amazing performance. I’ve been trying to set my expectations at three pounds a week for phase 1 and two pounds a week during phase 2. This was ALREADY over what the program tells us to expect. I THOUGHT I was expecting too much of myself based on the general numbers we are told. Over and over others in my group have told me to mentally get ready for the plateau that is inevitable. Over and over I keep on expecting it, but it has yet to occur for me. Once again, I shouldn’t be complaining because the “lack” of a plateau has made the pounds come off way quicker than I ever imagined. That is the problem. I get “disappointed” slightly when my current weeks numbers don’t reflect the way I feel. The weirder part is that I still have WAY more to lose and I am not even to the halfway point of my minimum expectations. That ~could~ arrive as early as next week. It is almost fitting that a nice binary number reflects my initial target loss. If I get to 200 I will reconsider another goal. 180 will get me to the current charts “normal” weight range.

Last week I was “introduced” to whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joes. Oh YEAH baby! The last time I had eaten pizza was the night before the start of the diet portion of the 20/20 Lifestyles Program. Mmmm Wednesday for dinner I made a pizza and Thursday too. It was so good! This will become a fairly regular staple for me. I kept it fairly simple with Canadian bacon, bell peppers, sauce and cheese as the toppings. Very tasty.

A friend told me how to prepare Fried Rice and this week I got a “healthier” recipe. I am going to HAVE to try it soon. Fried Rice is one of my favorite Asian dishes. I like it Tai style or Chinese style.

November will probably mark the retirement of all my XXXL shirts. I am comfortably wearing XL’s now and have ordered enough to be comfortable. Next week a friend is bringing me a REAL Hawaiian shirt from Hawaii. The more touristy the better, I said. The super cool and weird thing is that even the XL shirts are loose. I don’t know if I will be able to go to L because my upper body still needs the size of the XL. Only time will tell.

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