You spin me right round baby, right round… October 14, 2006 at 11:24 am

Today I did something I have wanted to do for a while but never really made myself do. A little history comes first. Back before I got my drivers license (ancient history really) I used to bicycle a lot. In Colorado near the foothills of the Rockies hills are just a fact of life. I loved to cycle. One summer I even did the Hardscrabble century. I was a member of the cycling club now RMCC, but I am not sure if that was the name back then. I was a volunteer for refreshment and sag support so all of us volunteers road the Saturday before the official Sunday ride. This was a very fun day. Hard, but fun. Then in Arizona a group of my neighbors and I would ride about 20 miles in the mornings. That was about the only time that you could really cycle in Arizona and live through it. Even at 5:30am the summer temps could be in the 90’s. I’ve always enjoyed the feel of cycling. I just haven’t really done it for one reason or another.

A couple of weeks ago I mention to the nice gym assistant that takes my blood pressure every week that I was thinking of doing a “spinning” class soon. I probably would have waited another few weeks, but when a cute young woman encourages you to do something you really want to do anyway… So because of scheduling and illness on my part I had to put this off until this morning. Unfortunately the inspiration for me doing this class was ill and unable to join the group. I was intent on attending anyway and another friend was interested so we met up and tried it out for size.

I was able to pretty much keep up for 35 minutes and this was longer than I expected myself to last. I continued the “ride” for the full 50 minutes, but I had to back off. My bottom is STILL taking a lot of pressure from my extra girth and I’ve been off the cycle for too long. IT WAS AWESOME and my plans every Saturday morning include doing this indoor cycling class now. I’ve been looking for a good weekend aerobic activity and this fits my bill for now. It is a lot easier to spend time indoors now with the clouds and rain returning to the PNW.

Monday I am measured for my 10 week review. I’ll have to wait a full week before the “official” results are available to me. Once again, I’ll have a slight discrepancy on my weight chart. Not that bill of a deal. I don’t expect nearly the same massive changes as during the first five weeks. I know my pace of loss has slowed. I am likely to “only” have 22-25 pounds these five weeks vs. the 28 pounds the first five weeks. That is still about a 4.5 – 5.0 pound a week average.

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