Awesome Morning October 12, 2006 at 10:29 am

Today I am feeling great again. Yesterday’s cardio workout was really good. Today’s was fantastic. Both days my heart rate and energy levels were top notch. I really feel good.

Tomorrow I learn if I have officially passed the 50lb mark on the program. According to the “unofficial” scale I am there and a little bit more. 50lbs is a lot of mass, but I still have a very long way to go. It is an encouraging milestone, but only one of many and I am not even half way to my ultimate target. ~If~ I can get to 200lbs I know I ~should~ be able to reach 180-190. Knowing the possibilities and seeing the results has been a huge plus.

My results are not typical of anyone else in my group. I wonder a lot about why I am shedding the pounds so quickly. I have another checkup coming next week and the doctor should tell me if I am moving along too fast. So many factors in my life have changed that I am certain my “rapid” weight loss is a combination of all of them. I rarely eat out anymore. Going from eating out for EVERY meal of the day (or eating T.V. dinners – Yes sometimes TWO in a night) to cooking most of my meals in a healthy manner MUST be a large factor. Just the reduction in caloric intake would probably have triggered a loss of weight. Add to the diet changes a HUGE increase in my caloric expenditure in the form of 5-6 hours of cardio every week AND a general increase in my N.E.A.T. by using the stairs and generally being “fidgety” when I can. But wait there’s more! I haven’t seen a study to back this up, but I have been told that GOOD sleep is essential to weight loss. This explains my drop of about 22 pounds PRIOR to starting the 20/20 Lifestyles program. At my peak I was at 350. Between the start of treatment for my apnea in June and starting the program in August I had dropped to 328 without really doing much to change my diet or exercise habits. (I had started walking a few miles every day a little before starting the program and I am certain that helped me a lot in the early weeks.) My drivers’ license still lists me at 338! Huge difference!

Next week is the last of the group sessions. I will miss the continued feedback from others going through the program. Just hearing about others struggles and successes has been a good factor for me.

This week has been pretty good for me food wise. I haven’t been overly hungry or had many problems with the mouth watering. (I like to call it drooling.) I wonder how much of that is due to the whole grains I am eating now. In the mornings I usually have a Egg White, Canadian Bacon, 2% Cheese and Whole Wheat English muffin sandwich type thing plus my shake with PB and Fiber. This is about a 540 calorie breakfast, but without that I would crash hard by the end of the exercises. I’ve had to move more calories to my mornings or I was just miserable. I always laugh at the continued recommendations to “eat more breakfast.” Apparently many people on the program struggle with eating in the mornings. Not I. I have always required a good breakfast.

I am going to try and wean myself from another shake soon. I like the shakes and I am likely to keep them a part of my plan for the rest of the program and possibly after, but I would also like to get some alternatives for my breakfasts and morning snacks. Sometimes the snack shake in the mornings doesn’t stay with me very long. Today is one of those mornings. I am fighting some fairly insistent rumblings from my tummy that says to eat something. We aren’t supposed to let our selves get to this stage so I should probably do something about it. (Unsalted Soy Nuts ingested.smile_sarcastic)

One last note before I finish this long entry today. This weekend I have signed up for an “indoor cycling” class. I’ve always called them “spinning” classes, but indoor cycling is the Pro Clubs designation for the classes. I am excited and leery of the event. Excited because I believe I have the energy and physical ability to survive it. Leery because it has been way to long from the last time I was really riding a lot. We will see how I feel after Saturday!

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