F.U.D. August 21, 2006 at 10:50 am

I really want to do well and learn how to prepare better foods and meals for myself.  I generally like to cook and enjoy working with fresh vegetables and foods over processed stuff.  The only time I really like processed foods like T.V. dinners and such is when I am feeling down.  That is a self fueling issue because I am certain that those types of foods enhance the lack luster feelings. 

Last week I was able to add veggies back to my food plan. Friday for lunch I did pretty good.  Dinner was another thing all together!  While I did good on the veggie and protein parts of the meal, I got the fat content a little too high for the entire day.  I adjusted things for the rest of the weekend and think I got it right.   The following is a snippet of a letter I sent to my nutritionist last night.

I have made incredibly delicious stir fry meals this weekend and I feel like I am being evil.  Before I go way overboard with this I really wanted to verify that I am doing the right thing, because it just seems a little too good to be true.  J 

Tonight I made a large amount of stir fry so I would have a lunch and a dinner meal ready to take into work tomorrow.   Based on my calculations I made about 3 servings and I wanted to check that I did this right AND that I am generally on track.  These are VERY filling meals and the amount is consistent with the Chinese takeout containers of which I was under the impression that was way too many calories? 

My ingredients for a Garlic Chicken Recipe: 

Amount Stuff Cals Fat Grams
6cups Stir Fry Mix* 240 0
6tbls Garlic 75 0
2tbls Olive Oil 240 34
12oz Onion 144
5oz Cauliflower 65
18oz Cooked Chicken 690 9
1tsp Crushed Red Pepper
1tsp Pepper
Totals 1454 43

*From Trader Joes and includes Carrots, Cabbage, Bok Choy(Whatever THAT is), celery, Broccoli, and Snow Peas.

This made about three 485 cal portions of tasty Yummy Garlic spiced goodness .  I ate one for dinner and I have the other two for my lunch and dinner tomorrow.  Am I on the right track?  These meals are very filling and I am full after eating.  However I STILL have mouth watering after every meal.  It is NOT anyway NEAR what it was like after pulling carbs from my diet a few weeks back, but it is a constant “bother” and it is distracting.

I made a Ginger Chicken stir fry for lunch with a similar ingredient list, but included FRESH Basil and Cilantro.  Yum.  Friday for dinner I modified one of the recipes for a marinade with Cumin and Olive Oil Base.  Saturday much the same thing with Cajun seasoning and a bit of fresh Habanerao thrown in to spice it up A LOT.  This one was good, but I also had three liters  of water during and after the meal.  I feel like Emrill: Bamm!

I do love working with the fresh ingredients and I am so very happy that I made sure my kitchen was a pleasure to work in (new condo about three months ago).   The only recipes that I ever made that would have leftovers before these were a really delicious chili and a meat spaghetti sauce.  The only way I know how to make the chili is in a huge “vat” so I am keen on learning the proper way to portion and more importantly TRACK the calories in a conglomeration of a meal such as these.  I keep telling myself that the chili is on the horizon some day again J.  I KNOW I must wait for the Kidney Beans.   Mmmm chili.  I ~can~ make it with ground turkey, but ground beef has the best consistency.  I have made it totally vegetarian in the past too.  J  It needed corn starch then to make it reasonably thick.

I guess I just need either reassurance or a kick in the head if I got it wrong.  These meals were just too yummy to be good for me.  :)

I haven’t heard from her yet, so I don’t know how far on or off track I have gone.  It is a learning process!  If I have made any errors I know it is more or less a simple thing to correct.

Today I got introduced to a new cardio exercise!  Wow this one rocks.  Or I really should say it rows!  This thing is awesomeness on a stick.  As much as I liked it, it is a hard nut for me to crack.  I am not the most graceful of person.  Some people can watch someone do something like a dance and pick it up without much of a problem.  Me, I MUST slowly learn the steps.  My natural tendency is to do all of the rowing motions in one single step.  Apparently the best way to do the rowing motion is in 6 discreet steps that my trainer (a state champion and collegiate rower!) asserts transfer the most energy into the stroke.  She made it look so easy!  Oy!

I need to look into the computer based calorie counting stuff.  Keeping the log is good, but even a spread sheet would be a more effective tool for me than the current log book.  I like the graphs and things that you can generate with the tools.

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