Less More Less of Me August 25, 2006 at 10:35 am

I told you I would NOT be disappointed. (If you have read before or taken a peak to the right you might know what is coming!) Last week I dropped 14 pounds. That is a lot and this last week my dietician forced more calories down my neck. I have stabilized and that is a VERY good thing. This week is more in line with the target goals for the program. The reason I am NOT disappointed is because while I do care about what I weigh, I care tons more about HOW I FEEL. I feel like “1 billion dollars”. My blood pressure is down, my flavorful food intake is way up and I can do my workouts without killing myself. I leave that to my trainer. This week I officially weighed in at 311.8, however I am calling it 312 because I just drank enough water to add at least a pound to that!

My trainer is evil incarnate. I like her. I ain’t paying her to coddle me and she makes me very un-coddled. Don’t ask me to repeat the names of the core exercises. I think of them as “death crunchies,” “Twisty thingys” and “Oh, My god this hurts.” However, all of them are getting easier. Blast it all, that just makes her want me to do more. Today I had to do 20 pushups on a half ball thing. I easily did 10, but then I nearly fell over and only barely had enough muscle power to finish the last one. THAT SUCKED, but I do feel better for doing it. My upper body has never felt so good.

My dietician is very pleased with my progress and has added Yogurt and Milk to my potential list of non-denied substances. I probably won’t eat yogurt as a snack, but the recipe for curry chicken has me wanting to run home and start up the stove. Mmmmm curry. I need to find a good recipe for this most wonderful lamb curry that one of my favorite restaurants has. I can never remember the name. That would be the first step in figuring it out!

Even with my “little crises” earlier in the week, I would rate this week as a very good week!

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