Preppy August 26, 2006 at 7:55 am

Eating within my food plan is not impossible. In fact I am enjoying unbelievably delicious and hyper filling meals. It did take a little while to adjust, but now things are getting simpler. It truly is all about preparation.

Some of the things that I have done to help simplify my daily routines:


  • Pre-bagged a large number of frozen berries in exact serving sizes ready to be dropped in the blender. This makes it fairly easy to grab stuff in the morning if I am in a hurry. I also do the same with fresh berries so I have everything ready.
  • Purchased frozen chicken breasts in large bags from Sam’s club. This is a heck of a lot less expensive than buying all of the chicken in individually wrapped containers.
  • I have Mighty Mo Munchies stashed in places like my car and gym bag so that I will have snacks available at the proper times. It is much more difficult to keep a schedule out of work or home, but not impossible.
  • Every night I prepare my next days meals. This one helps a lot. I like stir fry. I’ve found that fully cooking the meat then just placing the veggies in the sauces and stopping is the best. This keeps the veggies from being double cooked by the nuking (Microwave) process.
  • Sunday I make the effort to prep all my vegetables for the week. This allows me to make the preparation for the meals in the evenings a fairly simple and quick matter.
  • I buy bottled water by the truck load and keep it stashed in various locations so I always have something around. (All I can say is Sam’s club REALLY makes this one affordable.) This isn’t the greatest use of natural resources, but I try and drop the bottles in a recycle bin.
  • I’ve got a shot glass measuring cup, hand blender, scale, and bottles at work. If people look at me strangely when I portion out the exact amount of Olive Oil for my salad I kindly inform them that 120 calories per table spoon is a lot and that by “American Standards” I am on a reduced calorie “diet.” 1900 calories is not anywhere near starving!

These things make me almost feel a bit obsessive compulsive. If people think I am weird my feeling is that they can bite me. :) Inflammatory? Probably. These are things that make it possible for me to keep the right kinds of food in my body. My earlier method of pretty much ALWAYS eating out, rarely cooking at home, and eating mostly processed foods is partially responsible for my current girth and health issues. Let them have the heart attack and large clothes. I for one will be very happy to be able to purchase smaller sizes again. Not that smaller sizes are “normal sizes” anymore. Anyone else noticed the “size creep?” What used to be XL is now simply L for some things. No wonder people have a difficult time rationalizing the fact they are getting bigger.

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  1. Ernie,
    Hi!  I’m enjoying reading about your program.  I’m about to start with 20/20 myself so have been reading BLOGs of other folks already on the journey.  I wish you the best of luck!  Maybe we’ll run into each other at the club.