Power to the Towel August 24, 2006 at 9:26 am

It’s a small thing, but over the last week I have been noticing a cool change. I am not the most modest of people, but I think of it as a courtesy to others to cover up my nether regions when I am in the locker room. While I am still a month or two away from being able to tie the towel around my waist, this week it started fitting much farther around! Call it the “towel rule” or something. It is ultra cool to me!

Things went well today. I was a little off at the start of the day but I had enough energy to push through 40 minutes on the elliptical and 20 on the stair thingy. Today I pushed harder to assure that my heart rate stayed up. I feel good.

This year has been a very exciting time in my life. I moved back to a place that I love. The Pacific Northwest is more like home to me than almost any other place that I have lived. I was able to purchase a great place to live. I was forced to deal with a health issue (sleep apnea) that plagued me for many years. The fact that I have the energy to complete an hour of cardio in the mornings is directly related to getting a good night’s sleep. And now I am making good steps towards being healthy and able to enjoy the myriad of activities the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer!

Tomorrow I get weighed again. I can feel the changes in my body. Less than 24 hours from now I will know how much less of me there is. I have become fairly patient over the years, but I will admit to some excitement and looking forward to getting the results. It is not a goal, but a potential reality that I could see under 300 by the end of the month. I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen because thing ~should~ start slowing down. You wouldn’t however hear me complaining either.

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