I am so confused . . . AGAIN! August 21, 2006 at 9:37 pm

This is a little rant that is totally my own fault.  My calorie count is in a bollixed state.  I am NOT talking about Florida.  (I lived in Miami for three years and it was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made.) 

So I used a cheat sheet that the dietician gave me.  I assumed (and I won’t go into WHAT that means) that the data on the sheet was accurate.  NOT!  A serving size on the “crib sheet” is ½ cup of berries and it says that this is 60 calories.  I’ve been logging ALL my berry calorie counts as this value.  D’oh! D’oh! D’oh!  NUTS! 

Today I had a bad day.  My exercise was good, but my food plan failed to keep me from being hungry today.  I had a little bit of a setback.  According to the numbers I was using I had consumed 2135 calories today.  However, after looking up the REAL values the adjusted count is 2079.  OK it’s only 56 calories for today, but if I have 5 shakes a day this can amount to as much as 100-150 calories for the day.   

The inaccuracy is driving me crazy.  Literally f-ing nuts.  My target for the day was 1700-1900 calories. 

The program keeps on “harping” at us that meal tracking is important.  I agree.  The meal tracking will help me re-learn the proper portion size and impact various foods have on me.  What is annoying me greatly is the fudge-factor.  Mmmm Fudge.  Drool…  Obviously; a perfect calorie count is impossible.  But due to my own hubris with trusting or not bothering to look up the proper values, my counts are off. 

OK, so what was the point of all this?  Not much really other than to make a record of the frustration that I am feeling with the meal tracking and my inability to keep “good numbers.”  Basically ALL of my record keeping up until this point has been WRONG.  I don’t LIKE being WRONG.  I suppose that is MY major malfunction. 

OK, crises over.  J

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