Another good workout… August 18, 2006 at 10:22 am

This morning I did 60 minutes of cardio.  That essentially makes a full work week of 1 hour cardio mornings. I still feel good over all, but yesterday after lunch was a bit difficult for me.

Yesterday after my workout I had some dental work done.  I am not sure how the nitrous oxide could have impacted my mood, but after lunch I nearly did a mental crash.  If not a full crash it was certainly a mental brownout.  By the time I was home last night I really didn’t have the motivation to go out and purchase or plan my meals for today.  This will be my first time winging it for lunch.  It is fortunate that our cafeteria will cook most things to order so I can stay on my plan without doing evil things to my body.  I have all the tools I need to record and log my food.  I am not quite ready to bring a scale to lunch, but I’ll take everything back to my office and weigh and log it there.

I was more or less planning on two weeks of the ultra strict diet and having my “plans” derailed was a little more than I was ready for.  I do know that I will have to REALLY plan out my days AND write it down on paper for every day.  I am just not ready to completely go native yet.  I am sure I will survive the cafeteria today, I’ll keep it simple.  I know HOW to plan a meal and cook.  I like to cook, but nearly all of the types of cooking I did had some bad heath consequences and now I must relearn many things.   I am glad the rest of my nutritionist meetings are on Fridays.  That will give me the weekend to try out and adjust to the new stuff before I have to integrate it into my weekly meal plans.

I am a little tired this morning.  It is a little of the mental drag more than a physical tiredness.  That being said I just yawned, and I am almost dosing off at the keyboard.  Not sure if that is from lack of sleep last night or from a chemical imbalance.  Not clear headed enough right now to think it though.  D’oh!  I am looking forward to the weekend!

One Response to “Another good workout…”

  1. Hey, where’s the weekend blog?  Your Friday blog was full of signs of a challenge.  How did the weekend go?
    On another note, I had to go to a smaller font size in my browser in order to get the text on your blog to a comfortable size.  Now the text size of the edit box is too small.  Is it because I enabled ClearType?