Less of me! August 17, 2006 at 1:13 pm

Dudes and Dudets I am astounded by my first official week of the 20/20 Lifestyles program offered by the Pro Club in Bellevue Washington!  Today I met with the dietician (normally on Fridays, but this week she had another meeting Friday) and got the first official weeks results.  Drum roll please.  Remember that this is one day early AND this already HUGE (and unusually so) number reflects only 4 workouts AND the diet change.  Are you ready?  I lost 14 pounds.  Wholly less of a cow bat man!  I am now at 314 pounds.  The theory is that about 7 of that is water loss.  I drank about 5 liters of water AND had 5 shakes with at least 2 extra liters yesterday and most days I work out, so I don’t fully see that.  However, I cannot argue with the real results.  The real result is my clothes feeling very loose.

I get veggies now!  4-6 Servings of veggies for me.  A serving is ½ a cup.  Today I added some broccoli to my lunch and it was nice.  I can also have salads with oil and vinegar too.  Mmmm.  Relearning the food plan is HARD.  Planning for the recipes and having everything on hand is not new to me, just something I haven’t really done for a number of years.  I have a good framework for making recipes and most of the stuff I need to do it.  I just gotta get it into my life.  Now if only I had a wife to help me with the niggling details.  J

 I feel great.  The workouts are hard, but not impossible. Today I added another 5 minutes to my cardio to make up for yesterday missing 5.   According to my trainer my shoes were a poorly conceived notion of proper foot wear.  So yesterday after work I stopped by Ye Ol Sports Authority and plunked down my well worn piece of plastic on some new Nike Cross Training shoes.  She was right.  Made a big difference.

I am already feeling the results of the stretching too.  I won’t be putting my ankles behind my ears anytime soon.  (Didn’t THAT leave you with a disturbing mental picture.) I am able to flex my legs more and the tread mill is becoming less of a pain in the legs.  I was able to stand 3.9 miles/hour for a little while this morning.  I trying to gradually increase my pace of walking.  It’s all coming together nicely.

This morning hammered home the importance of a good night of sleep.  One would think I already learned THAT lesson because of my apnea, but I am thick in more ways that just my belly!  After getting a good solid 8 hours last night, today’s workout energy level was much better.

I don’t expect next weeks results to be nearly as dramatic as this weeks.  I will be taking in more calories and the initial losses should be the greatest.  Eventually I should settle into a pattern of 1-4 pounds a week.

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