Yo … Ga! October 10, 2007 at 2:49 pm

Around the first of the year I told myself that I would give this Yoga thing a try.  I had noticed that simple stretches after doing workouts made a huge difference in my flexibility and the way I felt on my subsequent days of activities.  My trainer gave me a simple routine that I followed for a while, but I didn’t follow that plan as much as I should.  Once I started cycling into work the whole stretching on a regular basis kinda went out of the window. 

So much for a "New Years Resolution!"  Last month I started looking into it again and I am proud to say I finally followed through and signed up for a four week introduction to Yoga series.  The first class was last night.  What I didn’t know was that my trainer had actually showed me a very basic Yoga routine!  Many of the stretches I was doing to help strengthen my core and help alleviate my back pain were actually Yoga poses! 

I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.  I suspect I will try and integrate a couple of Yoga sessions a week into my schedule.  I quite enjoyed the class last night and I suspect as some of my flexibility returns I will get more and more out of it.

I am now able to run (jog?) 4 miles consistently on the treadmill without any noticeable knee or back pain.  I am still only trying for a maximum of twice a week.  My current plan is to run Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  I more or less have to drive into work so I can make the Yoga classes on those evenings so hitting the gym is a good thing. 

I’ve pretty much kept up the cycling too.  I am not riding as many miles as I was during the summer, but my current plan is to commute Monday, Wednesday, and Friday weather permitting.  Rain isn’t a show stopper unless it is REALLY pissing it down.  High wind and snow are reasonable excuses for wimping out.

My weight has more or less been within a 10 pound range over the last few months.  I am currently back on the way down.  I peaked again at about 218 a couple of weeks back.  I ~was~ on vacation and wasn’t watching what I was eating.  I have still not been able to break the 206 barrier.  Every time I have been close, something else has caused issues.  The last time I spoke with the doctor he did say I should try again AFTER the heavy training.  Now is the time.  :)

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