One of “Those” Days in the PNW March 13, 2008 at 7:18 am

Today isn’t much different from Monday, but why am I bailing on riding into work today?

I’ve thought it through.  Really.  It is all justification for being lazy!  So here is MY litany of excuses as to why I decided to pollute the world with fumes from my car instead of my rear today:

  1. My house cleaners come every other Thursday morning.
  2. I will be later into work because of that.
  3. I can drop off my "dry cleaning" on the way into work.
  4. I can run errands (grocery shopping, etc) on the way home.
  5. It’s raining.

The real reason is pretty much #5, reinforced by the fact that when I KNOW it’s coming and I have an excuse I will pretty much bail.  Monday was different because I left the house in "get to work mode" without giving my self time to think about it.  That’ll teach me!!

I know from experience that riding in the rain isn’t ~that~ bad when you have the right gear on, but I am still being lazy.


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