Life is full of … October 18, 2008 at 11:52 am

The last entry I was complaining about being ill.   The last couple of months have been less than pleasant for me.  :(  After writing  and actually visiting the doctor things got worse.  In the span of two weeks I ended up losing nearly 30 pounds (and NOT in a good way, trust me on this). 

It took a while for the doctors to come to a consensus over my illness.  Once a "treatment" was started things improved from the really bad downward spiral that had me nearly admitted to the hospital.  In the last few weeks I haven’t really improved, but I haven’t really had things get worse.  I am able to work enough to pay my bills, but that is almost all.  I long for the days when I can get up at 6 in the morning and be out of the house on my bike (yes, even in the rain and cold weather of the PNW) riding to work by 7.  I am lucky now if I make it into work by 10 and "survive" until 5.

I am pretty happy that I am alive, but I am hoping that ~something~ will get better.  Exercising and being fit has been a huge part of my life in the last two years and over the last two months I really have missed the energy and feeling of fitness.  OK, so ~right now~ I would actually be happy to just make it through the day without being exhausted, but I must have something to look forward to.  I miss cycling.  My poor bikes are lonely.

For the people that helped me while I was in the worst of the illness (you know who you are) I want to offer my thanks.  For all of you that offered help and support, I really do appreciate it.

It may not sound like it from based on how you read this entry, but I really am looking at this as a positive sign. Depending on how you look at it even the extreme weight loss (191 was the lowest I hit and I am still under 200) could be a little positive.  Unfortunately a lot of that was muscle and I will have to build that up again, but when I am able it will happen!

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