Travel December 18, 2010 at 11:10 am

The last time I traveled internationally I gave myself just 2 hours at the airport before my flight left.  It was a little stressful because I made it to the gate with only 10 or so minutes to spare before the crush of loading the plane.

This time I gave myself a little under three hours so I could take my time and give the various people time to poke, prod, and otherwise molest me.  So after all of the expectations I was having for long lines, irradiation, or general molestation I am sitting at the airport after taking less than 15 minutes to check in, clear security and take a shuttle to the gate.  What a let down.

Smile  This was one of the easiest times I have ever had.  The only thing that was a little annoying is that I had to remove a book from my checked bag. 

Now if only the next 20+ hours go as smoothly…

I am going to stick my nose in the Kindle and enjoy my time waiting.  Good thing Starbucks is around. 

Good job TSA!  Winking smile

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