204 Miles, 12h:20m total! July 16, 2007 at 3:48 pm

After many months of training and tons of time on the bike I have completed the 2007 Group Heath Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.  My stats according to the GPS:

Total Time     (h:m:s)   12:24:36
Moving Time  (h:m:s)   10:07:37
Distance (mi )              202.65
Moving Speed (mph)    20.0 avg.    36.5 max.
Elevation Gain (ft)        +6,094 / -5,976

I started the timer about five minutes before my official start time.  I left the UW at 5:25am and crossed the finish line in Portland at 5:45pm.  My goal was to complete the ride in under 13 hours with stops!  Next year I might try for under 12 and see if I can beet my speed.  Who knows!  That is a while from now.

I was unbelievably grateful to see SAG support at mile 167.  I was in need of a water stop and was contemplating topping at a store to pickup water when like magic "Saggy Bill" and Janine showed up on the side of the road.  Three water bottles and some dill potato chips later, I was feeling well enough to continue.  The only other time I started feeling crappy was at mile 180 and a group of riders came up behind me and passed.  I was able to draft them for the last bit of the ride and that did the trick. 

I experienced Very little stiffness Sunday morning and no saddle sores at all.  I feel awesome and I really am looking forward to my commute to work tomorrow! 

The ride was awesome and the TNT group was fantastic.  I WILL do this ride again. 

This certainly isn’t the END of my cycling, but it is likely the next to last entry in this category.  If the  photo’s of me at the finish line look good, I will likely post those too!

Now I have been SERIOUSLY considering signing up for a Triathlon with TNT next year.  I am a decent swimmer and a reasonable cyclist.  Running will be my challenge, but I am certain with the proper training I would be able to do an Olympic tri.  (Not ~in~ the Olympics!)  I am confident that I would survive a sprint tri if I did one this year.  (I may not be fast, but I would live.)

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