Over 2,000… June 16, 2007 at 7:01 pm

Today I passed the 2000 mile mark this year riding my bicycle.  Compared to some, that isn’t a huge deal.  I ride with some guys that are already in the 4-5 thousand mile range for the year.  For me it is wonderful. 

Today also marks another first for this year.  I had my first flat.  I can live with one flat per two thousand miles. J It did show me that my rear tire is needing replacement (I have the replacement, but I’ve been lazy).  I’ll probably put the new brake shoes and tires on tomorrow. 

One more first for me today.  In my lifetime I have never ridden more than about 110 miles in a day until today.  Today I road 126.  My average was around 19.5 miles per hour until the head winds in the last 13 miles home from the ride just beat me to a pulp.  I ended up with an over all ride average of 18.9.  The last tenth of a mile per hour clicked off JUST as I was turning into my driveway!  D’oh.

Less than a month to go until the STP!

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