Peninsula “Metric” Century June 3, 2007 at 8:34 pm

I have done my third 100 mile ride today. The Peninsula Metric Century had the option of doing a full 100 miles in addition to the 100 Kilometer "normal" version of the ride.  I did the 100 mile version.  The ride was fairly challenging and roughly equivalent to the 14 Hills of Kirkland ride the week before.  All in all I think that I had a pretty good showing.  Both rides had roughly 6 hours of ride time.  If anything today’s ride was a little more difficult than the Kirkland ride. At least the metrics from the GPS tracks say it was so. 

This week I will be taking it easier and next weekend I will likely only ride on Saturday.  Then on the 16th I will ride the Flying Wheels Summer Century out of Redmond.  That one I am planning on commuting to because I need to ride a little extra before attempting 204 miles in a single day during the Seattle to Portland in July a month later. 

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