Love the weather! June 1, 2007 at 7:19 am

Another month gone in 2007.   I have been tracking my daily weight for over two months now and I have noticed a trend.  It is subtle, but it is there and I am generally pleased with what it says.  I bounce around +/- 4 pounds around a number for a couple of weeks, but that number is gradually getting smaller and smaller.  Because of the nature of measurements being so absolute, I am mostly just happy that the trend is there! I will have to keep that in mind on the days when I weigh high.  As long as the intra week trend isn’t showing an increase for too long!  I promise that I will make some form of "public disclosure" about my weight over the last two months sometime. 

I can say that I was at 206 again this morning.  I am not certain if it is a "jinx" or not, but every time I have "announced" my weight lately, I have done something to reverse that number and I have had to work at keeping it down. This is a very good lesson to learn.  I am slowly understanding what I can "get away with" and what tends to cause issues.  This is NOT just about the weight.  I was also having issues with cholesterol, high blood pressure, and blood glucose levels.  

While I can "get away" with the rouge pastry every now and again, I know that they MUST be a treat and not an every day item.  On the long bicycle rides that I have been doing I know that a couple of potatoes (14 Hills of Kirkland) really have a good impact on my energy levels WITHOUT the annoying sweetness associated with the energy gels.  Potatoes are excellent energy food, but ONLY if you are expending the energy.  The way the body processes the starches does NOT make for good weigh loss if you are sedentary. 

The month of May was Bike to Work Month.  I was ill the first week of the month, but for the rest of the month I was able to make my goal of at least 4 times a week! In May I cycled to and from work 16 times.  Each day was at least 26 miles and some of those days even more. I hope to keep the 4 times a week goal for the rest of the summer.  Sometimes I miss the gym, but then on days like today, I don’t miss it at ALL.

The last two days it has been warm enough for me to ride in the morning without my arm warmers.  The end of last week saw the leg warmers staying home.  Only 20 more days until the longest day of the year.  I am already starting to be roused in the morning at about 5:30 from the bright sun reflecting into my bed room.  In late June the sunrise is expected to be around 5:10 in the Seattle area.  It is already light enough for me to leave work as late as 8:00pm and be "safely" home without worrying too much about light levels.  With the tree’s that cover my "quick" route home, I do prefer having flashers on the bike, but the light is just fine otherwise.  For about a month I’ll be able to leave work as late as (8:30pm) in a pinch.  Keep in mind that my current preference is to bail as early as 5:00pm and no later than 6:00pm.  However, even in my current position I can end up staying late.  smile_sad

Only 72 more days until my 1 year (start of program) anniversary.  With good focus on my part I hope to still be under 210 pounds.  I am not sure if I can break the 200 barrier before then or if I ever will, but I still intend to try! I still won’t consider myself successful (no matter what every one else keeps on saying) until I stay at this weight for at LEAST two years.  Even then, I really know that I can never let up or I will bloat-ify right back up.  20/20 Lifestyles indeed!

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