14 Hills of Kirkland! May 28, 2007 at 4:38 pm

Today I rode another century. 100 Miles in a day. This ride was billed as a very difficult ride. It WAS difficult and challenging, but it didn’t beat me to a pulp. I feel pretty good. (We will see how I feel tomorrow.)

This is the hill profile from the organizers of the event.


My average speed on the bike was 17.2 miles per hour according to the GPS unit. That number doesn’t include the 4 stops for food, restroom, and water. Overall the computer says I had 14mph average. I don’t fully understand why the difference between the computer and the GPS’s calculation of moving speed. The computer says my average was 16.1.

I am still getting used to the GPS unit. I turned the thing off during my first stop and I missed about 5 miles of hill data. My numbers don’t sync with the “official” 7900 ft. of hills, but I did miss one of the bigger ones while the unit was off. D’oh! Even with all the hills the ride was about 55% flat. I loved many of the down hills. They were fantastic!

Next weekend I am signed up for a ride that has a similar profile. I hope I feel as good as I did today!

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