Jinx? May 16, 2007 at 12:40 pm

I’ve been hovering at about 210 +/- 3 for the last few weeks.  Some day when I get a chance I will publish the last couple of months of data that I have accumulated about my morning and evening weights.  I normally start the day about 3-4 pounds lighter than I end the day!  It is also interesting (to me anyway) that I also respire about eight tenths of a pound every night.  I don’t measure myself twice every morning, but the mornings that I have are pretty consistent.  Almost a full pound most nights!  I attribute that to any perspiration that might occur at night, moisture lost from breathing out, and any chemical transformations that occur that might produce heat.  I don’t quite remember if conservation of mass comes into play with the whole chemical thing.  After visiting my porcelain friend, I use that weight as my morning number.

All of that preface leading up to my new lowest weight I’ve seen.  Yesterday and today, I was at (marginally over) 206!  Last night I actually ended the day under 210 for the first time ever as well!  “Ever” applies to times AFTER my late teens as I am pretty sure I didn’t start out over 200 pounds on my birthday.  My mother always said I was a big baby, but that would take the cake and a pie.

I am pretty happy about the current trend in the last week.  I hope that I have most of my binging under control and that I don’t start inching up again.  After hitting 207 a little over a month ago, I also recorded 213 one morning.  I would have never noticed 5 pounds of weight gain or loss on my body before.  Now I can definitely feel the difference.  The fact that I wear skin tight cycling shorts on a regular basis helps me see the effect.  Cycling shorts are not very forgiving.  Even two of my Jerseys that are cut a little large have started fitting a little too loose. 

I had thought that size inflation hadn’t made it to cycling clothes just yet.  I was wrong!  A few manufacturers have started making a “club fit” for us larger Americans.  This is a little annoying because now I really have to pay attention to the Jersey sizes.  Most “normal” Jerseys for me are XL and fit fairly good.  They show off my belly which is a good reminder to me that I want to continue to make progress.  However with the new fit sizing or “size inflation” I can get away with a large.   These trends make sense to the clothing manufactures because alienating 60% of the customer base by calling them XL or XXL is not the most profitable thing to do.  I just remember that I was an XL in High School and now I am a large and still slightly larger than I was back then.  Heck it is so bad that for a few manufactures I am in medium.  I think that clothing sizes should be more like pants.  I would find it much simpler to go into the store and pickup the shirt that matched my chest and girth (or hopefully lack of girth).  With the way pants are measured, there is a very good chance that I will pick something that fits correctly every time.

I hope that my writing about my new low number isn’t a prelude to another binge fest!  If I can keep things under control, 205 could be a stable reality by the end of next week.  With the amount of flab left on my body I hope to get to a point where I fluctuate between 190 and 195 on a daily basis and I can keep myself under 200.  (If I decide to put on tons of muscle, I might have to revise these numbers upward a little.)  I really think it is possible.  I am just starting to feel the definition in my abdomen now. In my adult life, I have never been this skinny before.  I quite like it!

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