Century One Postmortem… May 15, 2007 at 11:51 am

Now that a couple of days have passed I can comment more fully on how my body responded to riding a full 100 miles in one day. I feel pretty good. The ride didn’t over tax my system and it didn’t wipe me out. I was almost expecting that it would have been too much effort in a single day. The only real effect is a slight soreness in my knees that actually could be from overuse. I didn’t have any noticeable issues with my posterior over the last two days.

During the ride, I had a little neck pain and some back pain but that did not translate beyond the ride. Given the road conditions, I am certain that the nearly continuous jarring of chip seal pavement played a part.

Yesterday on my commute in to work I didn’t seem to have any lingering problems, however on the ride home I was a little fatigued and wasn’t able to push as hard as I would have liked. I think that is most likely because I need to give my body a little more time to recover. I have to run a few errands tomorrow so I won’t be cycling into work. I will switch up the exercise a little at the gym to give some other muscles a workout.

This Saturday is a TnT team ride and the following week I will be doing the 7 Hills of Kirkland Century (it is actually 14 hills of Kirkland and Surrounding areas). This should help given me some perspective on how I will feel after a longer/easier ride. I am still considering doing the Kitsap Metric Century or even the full Century the following weekend.

I’ve already made my months goal of doing at least one century a month through November and I have already committed to riding another. June has at least one that I am committed too and quite possibly two as well. July is the STP. I may have to restate my goal and make it two centuries a month at least during the summer months. I shouldn’t have any problems finding rides through September. October might be a little sketchy and November is el Tour de Tucson.

Last week I was able to commute into work on my bike every day! This week I am likely to be able to cycle 4 days. Friday ~is~ bike to work day and I can’t skip THAT day!

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