Welcome to AWS January 10, 2014 at 6:47 pm

Today I moved my “highly used” blog over to an AWS EC2 server. Much of the content was originally created using the now dead “live spaces”. Because this site receives such a large volume of visitors (ha!) I am not going to bother scrubbing ALL of the image links. Many of them still work, but a significant number have been broken.

I’ve been experimenting with a Chrome browser extension over the last week. I want to do a write-up of it. It is kinda cool in some ways. The way Chrome handles the OOB communication is fairly easy to work with and I created mine using Lua. I expect that doing it with Java would be even easier. For “fun” I tried a bash script too. It is “do-able” but wow, you have to really be a glutton for punishment to do anything substantial.


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