Nearly Perfect! May 8, 2007 at 8:34 am

This morning was a nearly perfect morning for a ride into work. It was just cool enough and sunny. Today I decided that I would take my carbon fiber bike into work. That made the ride sweet! On the hybrid, my average speed was 15. Today my average speed was 18. The only down side this morning was this idiot lady talking on her cell. For about two miles coming into Redmond the traffic backs up on East Lake Sammamish. On the purple monster, I can easily go 24-25 in this section. Some mornings (like today) this speed is significantly faster than the cars on the road. Fortunately, the shoulder is quite wide and free from debris. My first encounter with this idiot was after a stop light. Talking on her cell she wasn’t paying attention and nearly clipped me cutting onto the shoulder. A little while later after traffic had slowed, again she did nearly the same thing as I was passing again. The whole time she was oblivious to almost everything around her! Vigilance is required when riding to remain safe.

My brother offered me some good feedback on my last post. I have been thinking about finding another group to ride with that is a little faster. The TnT group suits me nicely right now because we are pretty much on the same page. It is that or the strongest rider in our group is MUCH more willing to let us set the pace. I suppose I need to find a little more of that patience and slow it down sometimes. (Or ride a heavier bike!) I do remember what it was like when another friend I rode with wanted to push harder than I did. It is something to think about.

I may have to go home the extra long way tonight if the weather holds. The only bummer is the backpack full of crap I need for work. I don’t want to put racks, lights and fenders on my purple monster. The Hybrid isn’t long for my world anymore. I may have to pickup up a steal framed bike to setup as a commuter. That would be a good compromise. I am going to give it a week, but I am not overly happy with the backpack and I am not sure that will change much. Details!

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