More time on the bike… April 29, 2007 at 5:50 pm

This weekend I just kept on going farther and farther. Saturday I road with my Team in Training group and we did 60 miles at an 18.0 mile per hour average. I was off and actually not feeling at my peak. Still, it was a good day.

Sunday I road with another rather large group of people; well sort of. After feeling off on Saturday I figured that I should take it easier today. I decided that it would be best if I went with a slower than my normal pace group. This was my first mistake. The pace was just too slow for me and after the first few miles I decided to try and catch the faster group at the first rest stop. You would think I would remember how BAD of a navigator I am, but I was feeling rather good and that was my second mistake! I ended up missing an important turn and going an extra three miles before I figured it out. Add 6 extra miles. I paid much closer attention to the queue sheet after that. It was a little fun climbing hill faster than the “slower” groups, however I ended up missing ANOTHER turn in Black Diamond and this time it was an extra 4 miles and a nice little extra hill climb. Add 8 more miles.

In Kent I missed a very important turn, but I was aware of the mistake but I really couldn’t actually figure out what I had missed even after going back and trying again. I did eventually find the trail again after some short cuts. In the end I also lost track of some turns within the last 2 miles and ended up going over another nice hill on an appropriately name Monster street.

In the end I made it back and riding 73 miles. My average speed was only 15. Part of that was because of the hills, some of that was because of my back tracking time and time again. I would have been better off staying with the group I started out with!

Lesson learned? I doubt it!

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