Farthest/Longest ~ever~! April 20, 2007 at 9:29 am

Something someone said to me a few months back made quite a bit of sense.  It was along the lines of: “Running is the best exercise, especially on vacation or travelling.  It is easy to take a pair of running shoes with you.  Try taking your bicycle with you on the plane.”  I have been giving that a lot of thought because a couple of weeks off my “training” regiment could seriously derail my progress.  I know this about me, so it is a good idea that I try to rectify the situation before it exists. The last few times I had tried running (jogging on a treading mill) I really hurt my back.  I was still much larger than I am now and the Physical Therapist said it was highly likely it was due to the extra weight compressing my spine in an “unnatural” manner.  This week I tried again.  On Wednesday I jogged 2 miles and today I jogged 3!  3 miles is the longest I have EVER continuously jogged or run.  It took just under 30 minutes and I set the machine to 6.5 miles per hour.  The cool thing (to me anyway) is that I feel GOOD after doing this.  It might take a few months for me to be able to jog/run for a full hour or more, but I am going to add this to my list of exercises.  Crap.  Now people are going to start suggesting I train for a triathlon.  I am a good swimmer already and I love cycling.

I have been under 210 pounds consistently now for a full week.  My lowest was 207 and I have fluctuated between 208 and 212 during most days.  I am ~STILL~ battling the binge, but I am 100% certain of the trigger and I have been working to correct this situation.  The worst one was Wednesday night.  ½ box of Ak Mak crackers with Laughing Cow Cheese, a FULL sleeve of whole grain crackers with more cheese, an apple, a box of strawberries, and roughly 5 table spoons of peanut butter.  The worst part of all of that was a) I wasn’t really hungry, and b) I knew what I was doing and I still wasn’t able to stop myself. I am glad that I know more about how to handle this situation, but it is extremely aggravating.  I am not beating myself up over this, but I am trying to mitigate the problem.  If I did that everyday even WITH the exercise, I would add the pounds back on.  The cats did help me a little.  Once they piled on top of me, it prevented me from getting up and visiting the refrigerator.  Meow!

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